Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Little pig, little pig, let me come in.

I found these pictures the other day from a photoshoot I did with Sammie last year. (She doesn't have a blog, YET) It's not great and they are unedited, these were kind of a sketchbook filler and I had to model because NO ONE would do it. (I hate modelling so much, especially for my own work. Unlike 90% of fashion students, I am not doing fashion so I can be a model). Anyway.

Not great but it was my first term at college, bite me. These aren't an accurate display of Sammie's talent, she's stupidly good at photography and she's going to be way famous, you'll see, you'll all see!
She's going to do all my promotional photography when I am a famous designer and we'll go to the opening of V&A exhibitions together and everyone will want to be our friend. For now though we'll probably just stick to drinking bad wine and eating raw cake mix and braiding each others hair. That's cool too.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I love Natalie Portman in Leon so much.
My favourite scene from the whole film is when she's dangling her legs over the banister smoking.



Monday, 18 January 2010

Underwear as outerwear

Ahhh, I've always loved lingerie SO much. My first bra was a horrible white 30AAA thing and I was gutted that I had to wear this monstrosity instead of the fancy lacy numbers i'd seen in my mums magazines. Now i'm a real grown up and things have (thankfully) moved on since my 30AAA days I get to wear the underwear I once pined over which means I can welcome the S/S10 trend I am so excited about with open arms. GETTING YOUR PANTS OUT.

It was Bottega Veneta that I first noticed. Inspired by a group of karate kids, his collection is a bunch of stuff with clean lines in a crisp white you can only get by using daz washing powder.



Christopher Kane's collection subtly suggests underwear with a kind of young, innocent feel. Sort of 'Lolita' with its gingham fabric and slits right up the thighs. Daisy Lowe can be seen in one of his pieces teamed with American Apparel socks in The Sunday Times suppliment, eep cute.



Jean Paul Gaultier was bound to appear, what with the whole Madonna pointy bra thing. His 'G-spot' collection was about as in your face as his usual collections with bold colour and fabric choices. The look was kind of denim gangster/ militry inspired and wouldn't have looked amiss on Salt'n'Pepa.




Other designers that have done something pretty special are; Mark Fast, Dolce & Gabbana, Louise Goldin and Dior with their grown up hollywood glamour.

I'm probably going to excessively embrace this trend and wear nothing but leotards, fancy bra's, see through tops and a cheeky suspender belt for a few months.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I know it's five days late buuut...

Happy new year guuuuys!

My new years eve was AWESOME.

On to more pressing matters, now I'm back at college I have to actually do some college work, I've definitly slacked off for the last two weeks, but it's been snowing and no one does anything when it's snowing right? I received my new brief before half term and it's a pretty good 'un actually. It's all about fairy tales and stuff, based on an exhibition at the V&A.