Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Little pig, little pig, let me come in.

I found these pictures the other day from a photoshoot I did with Sammie last year. (She doesn't have a blog, YET) It's not great and they are unedited, these were kind of a sketchbook filler and I had to model because NO ONE would do it. (I hate modelling so much, especially for my own work. Unlike 90% of fashion students, I am not doing fashion so I can be a model). Anyway.

Not great but it was my first term at college, bite me. These aren't an accurate display of Sammie's talent, she's stupidly good at photography and she's going to be way famous, you'll see, you'll all see!
She's going to do all my promotional photography when I am a famous designer and we'll go to the opening of V&A exhibitions together and everyone will want to be our friend. For now though we'll probably just stick to drinking bad wine and eating raw cake mix and braiding each others hair. That's cool too.

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