Sunday, 27 June 2010

Almost Famous

I haven't seen Almost Famous in such a looong time, If you haven't seen it you should really watch it, it's not exactly ground breaking cinema but it IS good!

this is one of my favourite scenes from the film.

I really like films like this, cheesy American hipster band-esque films, because the outfits are usually really amazing and grungey.

Friday, 25 June 2010

When I grow up...

...I want to have a really awesome walk in wardrobe, with a huuuge shoe wall and reels of vintage dresses and a dress up box.

High Performance

Since I got a place at university and knew I'd be moving to London I've been taking much more notice of the Topshop collections.
I used to work at the Topshop store in Huddersfield and after I saw the stock turn over and how many people left with essentially the same purchases it just made me not want to shop high street or in my home town at least (my town is so small that if you shop on the high street it's more than likely you're going to be wearing the same thing as someone else). It's different in London though, you don't need me to tell you how many shops there are and how big they are particularly the Topshop there blah blah.

ANYWAY the whole point of this blog was to tell you about one of the S/S10 Topshop collection: High Performance. The whole collection is based on American sportswear and jersey basics, which is amazing because I've been ranting so much about how much I LOVE jersey basics! So, yeah I was pretty chuffed when I saw this collection. Have a badgers.

The second one and the last one are my favourites.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Things I love Thursday

Last Thursday I was sat in a pile of boxes feeling very sad that I had to do boring moving stuff instead of making little collages of pretty things. I'll probably be sat in that same pile of boxes next Thursday.

(image from Flickr)

My house - I've been staying with my parent's for a few days and apart from having to dismantle wardrobes and try and pack my life into 'long term' and 'short term' storage boxes, it's been like having a holiday. Except I'm only four miles away from town and still have to do boring stuff like work and finance stuff and boring emails BUT it been really sunny and my dad's been growing some huuge strawberries so that sort of cancels out work...

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Beast Market

I've realised I talk a lot about my local market and the stuff I've found there but I've never really SHOWN you any of it, which is very bad manners, I do hope you can forgive me. To make it up to you I've taken some photo's of my favourite finds.

Firstly, we have a hand drawn, hand written biology book. There is a collection of three but my boyfriend has the other two. Mine seems to be on basic biology, y'know like plants and dissecting frogs? (how boring was learning about plants, I know so much about photosynthesis it makes me sad, it's taking up all the room I need to store other stuff, about cakes and glitter)

(I hope that you like the really beautiful carpet at my parent's, fabulous isn't it?) Next we have Mrs Beeton's cookery book which is so old it has recipes in for lambs head soup(YES, you'll be glad to hear there is more than one!) AND it has some of the recipes in that Heston the magical food chef has attempted on his TV show (we all remember when he killed that turtle, right?)

I bought this book in a hurry because I thought it was about demons, in reality it's quite dull so I'm probably going to use it as a sketchbook.

This old briefcase was one whoole pound and it makes me get a warm feeling every time I open it. I intended to use it as a project box and I did for one project (the one based on the circus which is waay further in an old post). I kept fabric samples, inspiration and pens and glue and stuff in it, it worked really well so I was chuffed when I found it again (it got lost under my bed, real bad), I'm going to take it to university in October and start using it as a nerdy project box again. shurrupimcool.

AAAAAAND finally, an old musical scroll ('oooh' 'aaaaaah') that rolls out to about 3 metres! It has holes which I assume would represent a note...I'm no genius so tell me if you know it's actual job. I want to fold it into a teeny book but it's too pretty.

I have some old photographs and stuff somewhere but they're packed in boxes, I'll try get round to scanning them at some point, I've just been sat around drinking tea and watching Dog the bounty hunter this week though.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Guuuurl you are WEARING that dress

 just love this image of Giorgia Lee from the Gucci show in Milan. Her blunt black fringe, black tights and black shoes just work together to draw attention to the beauty that is this masterpiece by Mr McQueen.

Image from this little blog which has loads of lovely street style images.

Volt Magazine

I'm back my teeny little Marshmallow babies but I can't promise for how long! I'll try make sure it's not too long, I know you miss me as much as I miss you and your little face.

So lets cut to the chase, this is a post I meant to do about a year ago when I bought my first copy of Volt.

If you haven't heard of Volt, well... don't worry! It's one of those magazines you buy and you open it and your pupils turn into teeny hearts and glitter and doves fly from every page and you hug it and sleep with it under your pillow because you just want to protect it from greasy fingers who just don't UNDERSTAND how important it is!
Volt features some amazing photo shoots, the beauty of this publication is that it's nearly ALL images and very few adverts making it a visual feast. Oh, and it's A3 in size so the images are even bigger and more magical!

Here's an example of the sort of stuff you can expect to see in Volt:
(images sourced from

For some more examples of the amazing world that is Volt Click Here, you really should too, it's amazing.

Monday, 14 June 2010

blah blah blah

Exhibition work drives me


I'll be a bad blogger, but only for a little while.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Things I love Thursday

Yeah, I know, it's ACTUALLY Friday but I was busy with exhibition stuff yesterday so suck it.

  • Watercolours- I've never really used real watercolours before just the pencils and the paints are brilliant.
  • Garlic Mayo- It's stupidly priced and has a bagillion carlories in but it's actually amazing and I'm making meals based around whether or not I can eat garlic mayo with it.
  • Brothers Cider- They do toffee apple flavour and tutti frutti, I'll leave it at that.
  • These amazing boots-I just ordered them from Urban Outfitters in the sale and they are amazing and beautiful and I love them, I want to have their tiny boot children.
  • Sexist Adverts-have a look for ad's from the 50's they're hilarious.
  • Charcoal-it's good stuff isn't it?
  • Book binding-bit geeky,rewarding though, it's like making a teeny friend you can carry round.
  • Lauren Squires-she's home from Bournemouth, yaaay!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The creators project

I've always really liked Mark Ronson, ever since he dated Daisy Lowe, they were a better version of Jamie Cullam and Sophie Dahl. He alse has some fabulous shoes and hats. More importantly (I suppose) is his music, heres an interview he did for the creators project in which he talks about his experience working with Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse (whats happened to her anyway?), his new album and hip hop

theres an interview here too (and the video's on here aswell, things have a tendancy to decide not to work on my blog)

I like to ride on my bicycle

As I've mentioned before I don't pay a lot of attention to mens fashion (bad fashion student, BAD!) BUT I always love the images of men I find on the sartorialist. Compared to lookbook the men look really masculine and sharp. We love sharp.

If I was a man I'd have salt and pepper coloured hair, a large collection of hand made Italian leather shoes and I'd always carry a good, sturdy umbrella.