Friday, 30 April 2010

Debate: socks and sandals

Generally speaking I'm lucky to have a boyfriend that doesn't turn up his nose at my day to day attire, bar the odd horsey jumper, and usually, instead of  saying 'ohmygodwhatareyouwearingyouKNOB?!' I just get a little smile and 'you look nice' HOWEVER a couple of weeks ago we had the discussion I thought would end us, the discussion I have been dreading since we first met, the fashion clash! 

While getting ready to go out i
I'd decided to wear my chunky shoes with some real nice socks, and while I thought I looked really amazing, edgy girly - very now, James took one look at me and said 'you look really nice, wait, what the fuck have you got on your feet?' to which my response was a very whiney version of 'JAMES, socks and chunky shoes are in fashion!' (whilst rooting though every s/s10 magazine I could find trying and failing to find examples). 

At this point I felt ridiculous and kicked them off after he told me I was essentially wearing socks and sandals (I tried to explain that it was so uncool it had become cool, see geek glasses, bow ties and braces). So I went in a strop for an hour, sat in my underwear on the bed and made him present me with a new outfit and an apology. 

SO ANYWAY since then I've been rooting round for pictures of socks and chunky shoes to throw in my boyfriends face (this post is esentially me sticking two fingers up at my boyfriend because I can't bear to be wrong) and here we are...

(all pictures from lookbook)
So there we have it, chunky shoes + socks = cooler than my boyfriend

If I was a rich girl tra la la la la la laaa

Like most people between the ages of 16-25 I really love American Apparel. 

One of the things in particular I love about them, along with every hot blooded male I know, is their ad campaigns, they make me want to be dead skinny and just sit around in oversized t-shirts and long socks stretching inappropriately on the sofa. I like how their so sexy without being smutty, I have nothing against glamour photography (think Another Magazine, not Nuts) and I'm definately not a prude, the human body fasinates me, but theres something a lot more sexy about a partially clothed body than a woman just stood there with her boobs out.

Here are some pieces that i'm pining over.

Some classic examples of American Apparel ad campaigns right there for you all. Excellent.

Name that designer

Oh my, I can't blog on my boyfriends laptop, which is very annoying as my laptop is broken so i've snuck onto my friends while he's at work, we'll soon see if he reads my blog or not I suppose. I've missed my blog very much, seeing that blank page when I clicked post felt similar, if not worse, than the feeling of losing a child in the supermarket, if said child was lost for like 2 weeks or something.... ANYWAY, BOORING!

I need help.
 I found this image on some random Tumblr (what do you think of tumblr? to me it seems to be post after post of the same indie images...) and I have no idea who it's by!

From the font at the bottom it looks like it's from dazed & confused but I can't find it on dazed digital. I'll give you some malteasers if you find out who it is?

Monday, 19 April 2010

Connie Lim

I was recently introduced to  Connie Lim whilst in London, I keep racking my brains to think where it was I heard of her but it's gone. I've been looking for a fashion illustrator I really like for petty much, my whole life. I love how dark and gothic her illustrations are without being OTT and I love scratchy ink illustrations, they ALWAYS look good. Does anyone else know any amazing fashion illustrators? 


I've always found contortionists intriguing, someone being able to bend their body that much is insane! I love the shapes that people can create with their body, designing clothes for someone so bendy would be amazing, imagine the patterns you could create, you could make like a jigsaw, with people!

The last one's my favourite, it reminds me of a shoot I modeled for a few weeks ago, I was wearing a dress with similar stripes and did a bit of bending and flexing myself, not to the level of a contortionist though!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Fashion Icon: Lucille Ball

If you are unfamiliar with I love Lucy then here is a classic scene to have a ganders at...

Lucille Ball, AKA Lucy was not only a fantastic comedy actress, 
capturing the sort of slapstick old school humor you can't help but 
love, but she also had an amazing wardrobe that doesn't 
look dated to this day.

This last look is very Miu Miu, and just look at those eyebrows, 

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Disney Couture

Tom Binns has created some really beautiful jewellry based on the new Alice in Wonderland film.

I saw the film a couple of weeks ago and to be honest, although the film is jaw dropping visually speaking and the performances by Mia Wasikowska, Helen Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp are fantastic (Anne Hathaway as the white queen is just too try hard weird but she looked fabulous). I just expected a lot more from it. Wonderland wasn't exactly wonderful, completely lacking in colour and little details, and, well, I love the book so much and I just left feeling like I'd been let down.

HOWEVER Tom Binns has hit the nail on the head with his Wonderland for Disney Couture collection, All the pieces are really bright and bold and cluttered, but like, good cluttered, like a shoe cupboard with loads and loads of shoes in...really really nice shoes.

I love the teacup number, if someone bought me this then I would kiss their feet.