Friday, 30 July 2010


My penchant for pastels continues (surprise surprise). Frustrated with my stupid hair (OOOH... MY GOD! WHY WONT IT JUST BE CANDYFLOSS PINK ALREADY??!) I decided to buy a nice pastel lilac nail polish to make everything better. and I do actually love it. It was only £2.99 aswell, bargain!


Alice Dellal

I love Alice Dellal so much, to me she's so beautiful and the fact she comes across as a massive freak makes me love her even more. She was also one of the first girls to rock an undercut (before they got trendy not like, ever) and she has such an unusual face, she looks rough as hell but still looks cracking. So now I've finished worshipping, when I got my email from Vice this morning with a video of Alice in I did a little skip and a jump and a hop and the video is so good that I'm going to show it to all of you, YES I AM! Aren't I good to you?

Palladium Authenticity - Alice Dellal from Palladium on Vimeo.

Here are some more pictures of Miss Dellal.

This is one sandwich I'd pay to be in.

Things I love Thursday

I have been excited all week to unveil these beauties. This Thursday I quite simply love SHOES. I've managed to play my shoe obsession down a lot on my blog (I think...) but I seriously have like fourty pairs of shoes, now my camera is working again I'll take some pictures of the best ones this summer. ANYWAY I've been trawling tumblr on my spanking new laptop this week and although I don't see myself making one (or if I do I don't think I'll be doing much reblogging tumblr is very samey and clicky, bit myspacey) there are some beautiful images on it. I've found some really beautiful shoes this week. Here we go...

All these pictures are ones that have been reblogged a million times on Tumblr so if you own any, holla.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I am a moooomin

When I wash my hair I have to pile it all on top of my head because 
1. it leaks and dribbles pink EVERYWHERE and 
2. it makes me cooold!
I think It makes me look like little my from the moomins. I am a lot less aggresive than her though. probably.

I've just been doing really small scatter brain posts recently, I'll do a good one soon.

Bon Iver - Skinny Love

I don't really post about music, it's not something I know much about and I find a new band/artist I like about once every 6 months. I'm too lazy to try and find music I like.

I've had Skinny Love by Bon Iver stuck in my head for three days and it's such a lovely song I thought I'd pop it on here.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Na na na na na na na na batmaaaan!

I watched batman again the other day, the joker always reminds me of someone else's terrible night out. It also mirrors Exactly how I look when I've been too lazy to take my make up off before bed.

Monday, 26 July 2010

I have some exciting news...

I have an exciting blog post lined up soon. I'm not going to reveal too much but its especially exciting if you live in  Yorkshire. Stay tuned.

My first undergraduate project.

So the other day I got sent my first ever project from Middlesex, which is very exciting! I feel a bit nervous about starting it, I don't know to what standard they expect me to work or how they want me to approach it, they're hardly going to shoot me for having a go though right? RIGHT?!

SO ANYWAY, the project I have been set is to create a concept board showing inspiration for an outfit and to back it up with research. The inspiration and research has to be based around something you're interested in. For my project I'm going to look at birds! Here are some nice tropical bird images I found.

I'm contemplating whether or not just to base it on the tropical after browsing through all those pictures of Tucans and big green leaves, BRIGHT COLOURS oooooh!

I also found this parrot, he's very on trend in his straw hat, I love animals in hats! 


...I got a new laptop! At last! yaaay! That means I can actually do some blogging. I do need to start my summer project and make some stuff to sell on Etsy though, eep!

I got a Sony VAIO and it's really pretty and glittery and white inside and silver outside and I love her, I need to think of a name for her though, any idea's?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Things I love Thursday

Due to sitting on my laptop and breaking it (spare me of the fat jokes I haven't eaten since) I can only blog when I manage to convince someone to lend me their computer. That's why there are a million posts one day a week, but lack of technology won't beat me, I have tactics! I'm actually writing this on a Monday and scheduling it, sneaky sneaky.

Garbage: My dad introduced me to this album when I was about twelve, we had it on vinyl and I used to listen to this and velveteen REALLY loud when no one was in and pretend I was in a band (I'm musically retarded so it's NEVER going to happen), I found it in a box and my parents and stuck it straight on my Ipod.
Moleskine: I know they're a bit pretentious but there's something really nice about drawing in one, they make my work look better cause I'm always scared of messing up the whole thing.
Cocktails: I always used to think cocktails were a bit camp and a complete waste of money but since I had a girls cocktails making night last weekend I have been genuinely dreaming about mojito's 
Oreos: my high school art teacher used to buy us huuge boxes of these tasty little treats, you have to eat them alone though or you'll scare everyone off with your black scurvy teeth.
Sleeves: In the form of tattoo's not cardigans. My boyfriend drew me a fabulous tattoo of an elephant riding a bike down a big path, it was really crap (sorry James but it was) but I kept looking at it cross eyed so that it looked like I had a sleeve. When I grow up and have a real career maybe I'll get one...I don't think I'm brave enough though!
Hamsters: When we were moving house my Hamster (Arnold) had to go live with my friends for a little bit and now he's home and I have someone to play with, yaaaay!
Fascinators: I only have teeny little feather and bow ones, with having loud hair as it is I feel a bit ridiculous when I try bigger ones on but my friend had a beautiful green one with a little bird inside that's adorable!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Shirley Manson is a BABE

Personally I feel that Shirley Manson is completely unappreciated for both how talented she is and how beautiful she is. She's 43 and she's still smoking hot, did you see her in the bleed like me video?!  Well assuming you didn't here it is:

I thought she'd be a massive icon with the whole grunge revival. Screw you fashion world I'll keep her all to myself!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Bamboo Bear

A while ago I posted an illustration I did for my friend Holly. Holly has her own business called Truly Scrumpy for which she makes (and sells...) really adorable necklaces, tea cups, cushions, sock monsters and other cute homely stuff. Her blog is here and she should have a website pretty soon.
ANYWAY, Holly used my illustration on the back of her business card, this made me very happy cause it's not one of my best skills so that was a nice boost, thanks Holly Pocket!

Bowery was a terrifying man

My mate Kira is convinced I'm scared of no one, that's completely untrue. I never met Leigh Bowery but I'm completely intimidated and slightly terrified of him despite the fact I find him so interesting AND the fact he's dead. Bowery is a fashion designer/club promoter/performer/singer/artist/super hero who is often controversial and ALWAYS outrageous. On viewing him it's no surprise that he has been a source of inspiration for both Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood as well as Scissor Sisters and John Galliano. 
I'd say I'd have love to have met Bowery but like I said I do feel he would reduce me to a blubbering wreck with one false move. 
Here are some examples of what to expect from the man I fear I will find under my bed.

Oh, if you've ever seen this episode of spaced, where David Walliams plays a performer called Vulva, well I'm sure you can see the similarities...

I love you, Daisy Lowe

I always find the term style icon a little cringey, although I'm sure everyone can think of at least one person whose style they admire. For me the first person I can remember noticing was Daisy Lowe. I think I was about 15 when I saw her in Elle for the first time, she was wearing some denim shorts with an I heart New York T-Shirt and red shoes. Literally moments after I bought the same T-Shirt on eBay and didn't take it off for about a week. Once I began to develop some sort of style (*cough*...) I kind of stopped relying on that outfit so much, it still comes out every once in a blue moon though. I have like, a mental list now of people's whose style I admire but Daisy is always at the top.