Sunday, 28 February 2010


Eurgh, I need these so bad.

LFW: Day six

It's that time again and London Fashion Week has gone as fast as it arrived, gah! 

Day six was, essentially menswear day. In all honesty menswear isn't something I'm particularly knowledgeable about or even hugely interested in. I don't know if it's because I'm a girl or because I enjoy designing clothes for women more. I think when designing for men there are a lot of boundaries you have to stay within and guidelines you have to follow and the female figure is a lot more interesting to dress than a boring boxy man, bleeeeurgh! 

ANYWAY here are some collections that I did like. 

A Child Of The Jago

This was the second Westwood to show their collection at LFW. I only recently discovered A Child Of The Jago and I actually really like the stuff. I know I said it was basically menswear but a couple of women popped up here. I really like the way he does suits, a combination of classic Saville Row tailoring and quirky details, sassy!


Bit 90's grunge/Westwood-Sex Pistols punk era with the tartan and the chunky knits and the printed t-shirts...Well I'm sure you can see it without me pointing out the obvious. Oh, and the dog collars! What I reaaaally love are the boots, ohmygosh.

So then kids. to summarize this fashion week, fashion is missing DRAMA! Although there were some beautiful collections there was absolutely nothing jaw dropping about any of the collections. Infact, the most exciting collection of the whole week was Topshop Unique which is 'just a high street store' anyway. I miss Alexander Mcqueen so bad.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

LFW: Day five


“Summer vacations, holiday romance and faraway places.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this IS the new grunge. Pj's and clothes that are six sizes too big belted on. You need to be in the mindset of "crap, out of milk, better run to the co-op" and pulling on whatever clothes are lying around even if that means wearing your fat sister's work trousers, your brother's beanie over your bed hair and the blazer belonging to your uncle who's being living with you since his wife left him and always seems to accidently walk in on you in the shower. Team with your mum's sunglasses and a messy fishtail plait and you've cracked it.






Basso and Brooke

“Jeff Koons, hyper-reality and Herb Ritts”

Maybe i'm drawn to this because the prints remind me of Alexander Mcqueen so bad  (I'm sure you can see where i'm coming from) but I think this collection is really beautiful.






LFW: Day four


“The book Wisconsin Death Trip, the snow and Ryan McGinley’s new photo series called Moonmilk.” 

Classic pieces with a twist. Just really simple but flattering shapes in unusual and feminine prints in rich, luxurious colours teamed with leather and some sweeet bad girl shoes. Although the prints are all based around nature with a running theme of birds and flower shapes the whole collection is a bit moody which I think occours a lot in Erdem collections. Pretty without being girly, would look so awesome with some ripped up old fishnets.





Antonio Berardi

Definitely the sexiest collection so far! You remember that film the secretary? Yeah? think about that for a moment and then also think 'I work in a really sexy office for a super important company, oh and i'm toying with my boss for a promotion but i'm never going to ACTUALLY sleep with him, muah ha ha ha' and you pretty much have this collection summed up.





And finally, "I got the job and now I live in HOLLYWOOD, suweeeet'

LFW: Day three

Matthew Williamson

So much going on! the shapes, the prints, the fur, the ruffles and pleats, the ingenious combination of textures and THAT shade of blue. A really diverse and beautiful collection, pwoaaar!




Vivienne Westwood Red Label 

"Culture: Classical music, books and paintings."

It's really hard to single out just a few looks to post because all of the looks are so different in their own way. Those knitted socks I love are back again, I hope there are lots on sale. There's so much I could say about this collection but it speaks for itself, it really comes as no suprise that she's been so popular for such a long time when she knocks out pieces like this.







LFW: Day two

Fashion East

Featuring some of what is supposedly Londons freshest talent, not bad not bad but I feel like I've seen a lot more interesting stuff from new and upcoming designers before. I think they could have been a lot more experimental and edgy. I do actually quite like what they produced though...bit of colour wouldn't have gone a miss, WHAT, oh sorry did I just say that?

Firstly we have slutty anime cyber goth.




Then we have the drama club nerds with glasses that remind me of those joke shop ones worn by Tavi.


Lastly Kimono style sleeves and floral patchwork.

Topshop Unique
"Surfing, sea and the seventies"

Woodland magic! I think this will probably be one of the most popular shows this time and it's already attracted attention from the press. Designed by Karen Bonser, the head pieces by themselves were enough to completely sell this collection to me. Lots of wool and and fur! It has a "girl scout gets lost in the woods on the same night of a full moon, typical!" vibe. LOVE the socks so much.


Check this out for a finale