Sunday, 29 May 2011

Fighting crime, trying to save the world!

As a general rule I do not like superhero movies. Maybe it's because as a kid I read the comics so much and the film adaptations ruin them for me or perhaps it's because a lot of the light hearted humor often used in comics is taken out and replaced with grumpy men who, although very attractive in the flash (or so I imagine) look like pricks in their costumes. 
However, superhero films with female characters in you say? I'm there! I don't know a woman alive who wouldn't kill to look like Halle Berry playing cat woman or a man that wouldn't fancy his chances with her for that matter! 
My first memory of female characters in such costume is tied between Julie Newmar's cutesy get up as Catwoman in Batman and Uma Thurman's role as a blasé Poison Ivy. 
I personally think a woman kicking a man arse is the perfect female role model, although the pvc and leather can probably hold off for a few years.

Also, complete hair envy whenever I see poison ivy.

Oh, and OBVIOUSLY you can't ever forget....


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

ARGH! Real Munsters

When I started university my only initial way to survive the work load and deal with the fact I had to become a proper adult and my mum didn't live 15 minutes away anymore was was to resort back to my childhood in the form of books, films and television. I'm not ashamed to admit I have seen every single episode of Sabrina the teenage witch and Saved by the bell (next stop Buffy) along with clueless, she's all that, jawbreaker and any other 90's film you want to throw my way.
Recently I've become obsessed with The Munsters! I don't know how popular it was with outside my household, we didn't have cable when I was little so programmes like The Munsters, Bewitched and I dream of Geenie kind of replaced cartoons. ANYWAY yeah, if you haven't seen The Munsters you should really give it a watch (there's episodes on youtube) its so funny and aesthetically pleasing, especially Mrs Munster and the family house.

I know this is the slighty newer version so for anyone who watched the older ones:

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Yiunam Leung

Although I like to whinge about university there's no denying it can be a very inspiring place to be as an art student, being surrounded by talented photographers, illustrators, fine artists, fashion designers and so forth gets your brain cogs moving.
It also means you can assist each other in your area of expertise, after my fashion show yiunam leung drew up an illustration of my outfit and it's so lovely, it's got its own little spot on my desk!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Never ever in my student lifetime will I ever be able to afford to visit Volupté but I often like go on the website and pretend I have loads of money and can afford to go.
Volupté  embraces all things vintage and beautiful, it describes itself as 'the most decadent little supper club in town, with burlesque shows, great food and cocktails' and it's hard to argue, with DJ set's, a restaurant with a very sophisticated menu, tea parties, cabaret, burlesque performances, live bands and most importantly an extensive cocktail menu, all oozing glamour with a pinch of mischief.
The website does a lot better job of selling itself than I do.

Pictures from the Volupte gallery

Calling all London based Vintage Fanatics!

Vintage fashion has had a big chunk of my heart ever since I was 13 and bought my first Vintage dress - a Victorian night gown. I never wore it out because one of the meanest girls in school (whom, may I point out left much to be desired in the wardrobe department) told me I looked like a grandma, which is something I'm used to hearing now but was not ready to accept at the beginning of my teenage years. 

It could also stem from years of hand me downs, there was nothing more exciting than receiving a bag of new clothes the cool girls down the road had outgrown, although the majority of it was tat and involved bullying my little brother into wearing it resulting in his overtly macho self in present day.

I love the way Vintage has evolved in recent years, mixed with newer or self made pieces these old garments get a breath of new life BUT for me there's always something more wonderful about a girl throwing on a 50's dress with the perfect pin curls and scarlet lips as if she just stepped out from the era itself. 
On the 29th to the 31st of July Vintage will take over London's Southbank in the form of 'Vintage by Hemmingway', a festival arranged by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway celebrating everything from the 1920's through to the 1980's in the forms of film, fashion, music and culture. Last year brought gigs that catered for all sorts of musical tastes, from soul to disco, a sock hop, best in show, vintage art and my personal favourite, a roller disco!
for more information and tickets click here!

Here's a taster from last year!

Ingrid will make a wonderful wife

I've lived with Ingrid now for nearly 9 months, she's literally insane and always has a story to tell. Strong willed, intelligent, beautiful and multi skilled, from modelling to arranging charity gigs and tea parties to baking to preparing picnics for rendezvous, to me she is the perfect woman. Don't let it fool you, she belches like nothing you have ever heard before! 

(picture from

Name:Ingrid Aukrust Rones


Dream occupation:Muse

What first drew you towards the pin up style?The red lips and the models' confidence in their lovely, healthy bodies.

What's you favourite era for dress?

I love the doll-like beauty of the Roaring Twenties, the elegance and simplicity of the 60s and the 1950s figure.

Who are you style icons?

Grace Kelly - Because she always looked graceful, and because her style was consistent without being boring or old-fashioned.

Joan Harris (neé Holloway) - Yes, this is a fictional character from Mad Men. She's so confident and sexy, but at the same time sensitive. She's ambitious and professional, and dresses extremely well according to her gorgeous body.

Then there's Angelina Jolie's character Elise in the new film 'the tourist', dressed by Colleen Atwood. And, of course, the casual, laid-back elegance of Humphrey Bogart.

what's your perfect day out?

When I have the time to spend embarrassingly long doing my make-up, then walk around London watching all the inspiring people and discover new places and cafés.

And your perfect day in?Alone in bed with great films and food easily accessible from the bed.

Do you have a party trick?

I accept all challenges.

If you were a burlesque dancer what would your name be?

Miss Scarlet

Favourite film?

I just saw the King's Speech, and fell in love.

Favourite band/artist?

I have many, but if there is one record everyone should hear it's a recording of Vivaldi's Gloria with Nidarosdomens Pikekor (it's on Spotify).

Favourite place?

I have so many!

Favourite person?

I'm a tiny bit in love with Obama.

If you could bring back three people from the dead for a tea party who would they be and why?

I'd like to hear how Oscar Wilde talks, listen to J.S. Bach play and become John Holmes' widow.

Hot or cold?

Cold, you can always put on more clothes.

Sweet or savoury?

Savory, a perfect dinner is always better than sweets.

Boys or girls?

Can't live with or without boys, but I have huge respect for women and our unity and strength.

Summer or winter?

Summer as season, but winter for the Olympics!

Heels or flats?


What would you take to a desert island?


What's the best advice you ever received?

My mother once advised me to never stop dreaming.

And finally, tell us a secret about yourself?

I wish I could save the world.

Betty Paige, Babylon, Burlesque

With all my university projects handed in I've finally got time to catch up with all my favourite fashion publications on and offline. The one below, entitiled 'Hackney Road Babylon' made me choke on my cuppa, it ties in perfectly with all the burlesque and pin up styles I've been looking at for my university project! The combination of beautiful garments, edgy, unique looking models and a gritty, urban environment is what always makes the Vice photo shoots so interesting, I particularly like this one because it reminds me of Betty Paige!

Speaking of Betty Paige, if you you have never seen 'the Notorious Betty Paige' then you should be ashamed of yourself!