Sunday, 28 March 2010

'Tashey McTashe Tashe

I've been offered the chance to contribute towards an exhibition based around Victorians. I'm not an illustrator by trade and felt that because I would be surrounded by talented image makers I'd make something 'pratical' instead. So, I've started to think of creating something either wearable or ornamental based around a Victorian style moustache. Here are some of my favourite moustaches.

Anyone have any moustaches I've missed? Discuss.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Anyone already immersed in the online fashion scene will be fully aware of lookbook,  so forgive me if you are but I know quite a few people who read my blog aren't necessarily fashion by trade or internet savvy.

 Lookbook is, well it's an online look book... this website is wonderful for photographers, illustrators and the fashion army alike. Its a great pit stop for inspiration and to see trends on real people as well as budget self timed photoshoots, a really fresh take on fashion.

Here are some of the looks that caught my eye this morning, to me all of these looks feel a little different and DIY to the usual build up of black leather jackets, studs and ankle boots. 

All images from, if you are featured in any of the images and would like your blog address included, comment this post.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Rodarte Spring/Summer 2010

I can't get over how beautiful the new Rodarte collection is. It's so clean and has a huge feeling of serenity. Previous Rodarte collections have been influenced by horror films, warriors and the whole thing has been pretty dark, in this instance their collection is based on their Mexican roots and the borders of Ciudad Ju├írez, famed for its female homicides. The Mulleavy sisters looked at the landscapes and the midnight workers and from this built up a collection built up from the idea of sleepwalking. 

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

No frills fashion

A couple of weeks ago now I went to watch no frills. For me, no frills conjures up the memory of Kwik Save own brand crisps that I had to take to junior school, I hated them, everyone else had wotsits and disco crisps, embarassing! 

You will probably be pleased to hear that i'm not talking about the discount brand but infact a fashion show, which is far more exciting that bad crisps. The whole night was set up by students at the university of Huddersfield and Bag it up (a local recyling company) and was a lot better than I expected. There was a magician and dancers and all the collections were made out of recycled garments. My date for this magical evening was the fabulous Kira.

The themes for collections were classical, rock, African, Latin, street and Bollywood, all designed and made by Huddersfield based designers. Overall I was impressed, I was expecting the whole thing to be a reworked t-shirt and leggings affair but there were actually a lot of really well made and imaginative garments, here are some of my favourites from the show...

Afterwards I sneaked backstage (two of my friends modelled) here are some rail pictures.

That night made me really happy, I love seeing people in Huddersfield produce something so amazing, it's always nice to see new talent since the fashion scene in Huddersfield is relatively small.

All catwalk pictures taken by Kano

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Space age...spring cleaning?

Whilst discussing my new spacey project a friend of mine, Mr Kevin Tipping the biochemist, said to me in his London accent 'Hey Marsha why don't you make fairy liquid rockets out of those old fairy liquid bottles like on the adverts?' And so Mr Tipping planted a seed deep into my imagination.

Spring cleaning with a space-age futuristic twist! 

Fighting the war against dirt!

All pictures scanned from VIEW ON COLOUR 26 'spring clean'

La Parisienne

Here are some images I scanned for my Parisienne project that I completely forgot about so never actually ended up using. They're really beautiful so it's a shame to waste them. I think they're from bloom or view on colour, they look more like bloom to me though.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Miu Meow

I know every man and his dog has already picked up on this but...MIU MIU S/S10 GET IN MY WARDROBE! Prada's kid sister had come up trumps with these prints, they're so simple but just look amazing. It's nice to see someone just sticking to a simple idea instead of trying so hard to be different, which actually means Miu Miu have come up with something really fresh and original. I adore the little ones on the collar, how cute would it look poking out of a big school jumper with some Alexander Wang sunglasses, dirty old pumps and a Giles bag hmmm?





Speaking of Giles, here's another completely kooky collection. Metallic upon metallic with dashes of colour and a cartoon vibe Giles also uses playful prints but here with an eight-legged theme, eep! There's some really cute dresses and jackets in this collection but it goes without saying that the accessories are by far the thing that stands out the most, even if it is basically just the bags. I really need a dino-bag in my life.






This last look is very neutral space age, or at least in my eyes.