Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A mosey around the city

London is without a doubt fashion dominant and since I've got no money going round all of the capital's 'IT' shops was certainly one of my finer idea's.


A sea of yellow bags leads all sorts of characters into this high end department store.

Urban Outfitters

If there's an indie trend then UO is hot on its heels, shop here for kooky home ware.


The Victorian style exterior and dark wood paneling could trick you into thinking you'd walked into a Brothers Grimm fairytale if it wasn't for all the designer clothes dotted around.

Browns and Browns focus

Go to Browns for pieces you can pass on to your children and Browns Focus for that must have dress of the season.

Dover Street Market

 Subtract snooty shop assistants and you are left with four floors of the most kooky and interesting displays I saw the whole week, look out for the T-shirt vending machine.

Hoxton Boutique

Underlying circus tones throughout,  get inspired by the huge range of vintage jewelry.

Oxfam Boutique 

Literally a glorified charity shop, you'll have to be quick to grab a designer bargain. 


Lets the clothes do the talking.

B store

A unique and British take on fashion.


From basics to boutique, I don't think there's anything you can't pick up from topshop now, including a new hairstyle.


A quiet, relaxed shop with lots of interesting things to look at after you've marveled at the range of designer clothing.

The Convinience Store

Buried within a bed of tower blocks it's hard to see who this is convinent for.


Perhaps I caught them on a bad day but everything felt a little obsolete.  

Pop-up Store

Next door to start was a pop up shop selling a range of leather goods and jewelry, nothing too exciting.


My favourite shop! Friendly staff and some incredible garments spread onto four floors.

Beyond Retro

Surrounded by security to prevent fur protesters entering the shop my visit here was certainly an experience.

Absolute Vintage

Ordered chaos, there's so much of everything it's hard for a vintage fan not to part with their cash.

MISC pop up store

 Hidden in an East London warehouse I found handmade jewelry, pots of jam and twee illustrations, oh so quirky.


If the shop was named after the amount of styles they tried to characterize within one small unit then diverse is right. Not a fan.  


Minimalist with quirky features throughout, a large absinthe candle and jars of sweets set the scene.

Labour Of Love

Felt like an extension on someones bedroom and was very cosy, I was far more interested in the books than the clothing.

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