Sunday, 17 April 2011

Trust me, trust yourself, there's nothing wrong with the weird.

Have you seen Evelyn The cutest evil dead girl? Creepy, grim, adorable, hilarious. I found this short film on youtube recently and I can't stop watching it, Think Emily the Strange but in motion. Not only am I completely in love with Evelyn and her ...kooky characteristics but it's so aesthetically pleasing! The set, make up and costumes remind me of Burtons work, especially the 'live' village which is reminiscent of the sickly happy town in Edward Scissorhands as well as vibes of The nightmare before Christmas coming through in Evelyn's world. Oh, and the cardboard aspect reminds me of Play Days (90's British kids TV programme to those who missed out)!

Most importantly (for me anyway) are the costumes, those dresses are so adorable, the gruesome trio's remind me of the mini shift dresses sold to the masses in the 60's and Evelyn's reminds me of a patchwork version of Wednesday Addams. I'm going to have to make myself one.

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