Sunday, 29 May 2011

Fighting crime, trying to save the world!

As a general rule I do not like superhero movies. Maybe it's because as a kid I read the comics so much and the film adaptations ruin them for me or perhaps it's because a lot of the light hearted humor often used in comics is taken out and replaced with grumpy men who, although very attractive in the flash (or so I imagine) look like pricks in their costumes. 
However, superhero films with female characters in you say? I'm there! I don't know a woman alive who wouldn't kill to look like Halle Berry playing cat woman or a man that wouldn't fancy his chances with her for that matter! 
My first memory of female characters in such costume is tied between Julie Newmar's cutesy get up as Catwoman in Batman and Uma Thurman's role as a blasé Poison Ivy. 
I personally think a woman kicking a man arse is the perfect female role model, although the pvc and leather can probably hold off for a few years.

Also, complete hair envy whenever I see poison ivy.

Oh, and OBVIOUSLY you can't ever forget....


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