Wednesday, 25 May 2011

ARGH! Real Munsters

When I started university my only initial way to survive the work load and deal with the fact I had to become a proper adult and my mum didn't live 15 minutes away anymore was was to resort back to my childhood in the form of books, films and television. I'm not ashamed to admit I have seen every single episode of Sabrina the teenage witch and Saved by the bell (next stop Buffy) along with clueless, she's all that, jawbreaker and any other 90's film you want to throw my way.
Recently I've become obsessed with The Munsters! I don't know how popular it was with outside my household, we didn't have cable when I was little so programmes like The Munsters, Bewitched and I dream of Geenie kind of replaced cartoons. ANYWAY yeah, if you haven't seen The Munsters you should really give it a watch (there's episodes on youtube) its so funny and aesthetically pleasing, especially Mrs Munster and the family house.

I know this is the slighty newer version so for anyone who watched the older ones:

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