Sunday, 15 November 2009

Louis Vuitton S/S10

How, how, how, HOW can you go from this... this...

Oh Mr Jacobs, I love you so, your previous work for Louis Vuitton has been amazing and your own label stuff is just as good. I thought you'd just get better and then you went and did THIS!



I fell in love with the A/W09 collection, it was one of my favourite ones and pretty much the whole reason I decided to look at the Parisienne trend for my new project. I was so so excited to see the SS10 collection (sad? meh) and what I saw made me feel like someone had ripped out my insides and shredded them. Perhaps a slight over-exaggeration but it felt BAD.

I don't like the wishy washy colours, I don't like the way the clothes hang, the pattern could be nice but it's just...It's just not okay Marc. Sorry. Also, furry shoes are really bad.

Please do better next time :'(

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