Sunday, 18 October 2009

so cute I want to put it all in my mouth

There's some really cute stuff about at the moment, fashion wise. Bows, flowers, bell shaped dresses, little jackets and big hair. I wonder how long it will be until Lady Ga Ga  murders atleast one of these...



Luella is always pretty cute anyway but I adore the SS10 collection, the prints are so cute and I love the cut out heart shapes on the dresses. 




The colours of the Chanel collection are gorgeous! I love how it looks so 'Chanel' with the little skirt suits but looks really young and playful at the same time. Even the way its been shot is cute, like a little folk party in the woods.




There is so much I love about these, both the clothes and the photographs. I love the tiny little cropped jackets and I really adore the way they've been shot, unicorn merry-go-round and balloons, aaawww!

You know what else is really cute? This tiny little squirrel wearing a tiny little acorn hat, AWWWWWW! *nom nom*

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  1. Fabulous fashion blog darling. Fabulous.

    Im following you now! sorry it took so long : )