Wednesday, 24 February 2010

LFW: Day two

Fashion East

Featuring some of what is supposedly Londons freshest talent, not bad not bad but I feel like I've seen a lot more interesting stuff from new and upcoming designers before. I think they could have been a lot more experimental and edgy. I do actually quite like what they produced though...bit of colour wouldn't have gone a miss, WHAT, oh sorry did I just say that?

Firstly we have slutty anime cyber goth.




Then we have the drama club nerds with glasses that remind me of those joke shop ones worn by Tavi.


Lastly Kimono style sleeves and floral patchwork.

Topshop Unique
"Surfing, sea and the seventies"

Woodland magic! I think this will probably be one of the most popular shows this time and it's already attracted attention from the press. Designed by Karen Bonser, the head pieces by themselves were enough to completely sell this collection to me. Lots of wool and and fur! It has a "girl scout gets lost in the woods on the same night of a full moon, typical!" vibe. LOVE the socks so much.


Check this out for a finale

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