Wednesday, 24 February 2010

LFW: Day four


“The book Wisconsin Death Trip, the snow and Ryan McGinley’s new photo series called Moonmilk.” 

Classic pieces with a twist. Just really simple but flattering shapes in unusual and feminine prints in rich, luxurious colours teamed with leather and some sweeet bad girl shoes. Although the prints are all based around nature with a running theme of birds and flower shapes the whole collection is a bit moody which I think occours a lot in Erdem collections. Pretty without being girly, would look so awesome with some ripped up old fishnets.





Antonio Berardi

Definitely the sexiest collection so far! You remember that film the secretary? Yeah? think about that for a moment and then also think 'I work in a really sexy office for a super important company, oh and i'm toying with my boss for a promotion but i'm never going to ACTUALLY sleep with him, muah ha ha ha' and you pretty much have this collection summed up.





And finally, "I got the job and now I live in HOLLYWOOD, suweeeet'

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