Sunday, 28 February 2010

LFW: Day six

It's that time again and London Fashion Week has gone as fast as it arrived, gah! 

Day six was, essentially menswear day. In all honesty menswear isn't something I'm particularly knowledgeable about or even hugely interested in. I don't know if it's because I'm a girl or because I enjoy designing clothes for women more. I think when designing for men there are a lot of boundaries you have to stay within and guidelines you have to follow and the female figure is a lot more interesting to dress than a boring boxy man, bleeeeurgh! 

ANYWAY here are some collections that I did like. 

A Child Of The Jago

This was the second Westwood to show their collection at LFW. I only recently discovered A Child Of The Jago and I actually really like the stuff. I know I said it was basically menswear but a couple of women popped up here. I really like the way he does suits, a combination of classic Saville Row tailoring and quirky details, sassy!


Bit 90's grunge/Westwood-Sex Pistols punk era with the tartan and the chunky knits and the printed t-shirts...Well I'm sure you can see it without me pointing out the obvious. Oh, and the dog collars! What I reaaaally love are the boots, ohmygosh.

So then kids. to summarize this fashion week, fashion is missing DRAMA! Although there were some beautiful collections there was absolutely nothing jaw dropping about any of the collections. Infact, the most exciting collection of the whole week was Topshop Unique which is 'just a high street store' anyway. I miss Alexander Mcqueen so bad.

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