Monday, 2 August 2010

Are you listening?

Remember I told you to keep your little ears pricked up and your eyes peeled last week? Here it is.

There's a man about town called Mr Kane and he was NOT happy with the limited access we boys and girls have to new and exciting brands here in Yorkshire, it made him mad and sad, and he felt bad for all of us. So he travelled far and near to find brands that not only oozed style but were exclusive and affordable (with prices ranging from pocket money to credit card). 

He's tracked down brands from Leeds to Latvia, made lots of phone calls, sent lots of emails, broke some windows, went to Paris (Life is hard in fashion kids...), bought some paint, used the paint, broke his ceiling, bought a flag and called in favours all for his new project; Dais.

 Dais boutique will be the cutting edge cool home of these soon to be highly sought after brands. Opening on the 14th August Dais will source brands on an as they appear basis, from classic and contemporary to verging on quirky to downright brave. Brands that have intellect, imagination and more technical skills than the butcher, baker and candlestick maker. Clothes that will make people stop you in the street, look twice and go 'HEY! I want to be friends with THEM!'

Call me a brown noser (hey, Maria, you're a brown noser!) but I'm genuinely excited to see someone work so hard to bring fresh fashion into Yorkshire and stick it all under one roof in a well laid out and aesthetically pleasing environment, where cotton t-shirts can run free and skinny and bootleg jeans can live together in harmony (okay not bootleg, no one is ready for that, sorry soccer moms!).

Here's a sneaky preview of some of the brands you can expect to pop up in your wardrobes:




Francesca Warren

Elventh Commandment


There's more exciting stuff too, like Ante from a nice chap on Brick Lane and Clare Davis - a London College of Fashion graduate. 

Dais will have a preview night on Friday the 13th August with a DJ and an exclusive look at all the current brands stocked, the official opening date is Saturday the 14th August. Pop into Bryam arcade in Huddersfield (second floor) and have a peruse. Latest news can be found on the Dais Blog or on the Dais facebook page.


  1. Very nice.....


  2. Amazing! Im actually feeling to come up to Huddersfield for that launch night!

  3. I'm all about shopping and the opening of hte Dais Boutique sounds exciting! The shirts look awesome, I love the first t-shirt with the birds that had a orithology sensation with comfort...

    Love your blog and I am now following it ;-) Looking forward to your updates!

    -Brent Billiman