Monday, 16 August 2010

I love grunge

I know that grunge is such a typical thing to blog about at the moment and it's a style that has been stretched out to within an inch of its life. From studs and leather to beaten up denim to holey tights and tough old boots I can guarantee you will find one of these factors in every five looks on lookbook
For me, grunge has always been something I've fallen back on. Everytime I have nothing to wear or I feel a bit crappy or a little unsure of myself I'll climb into a tatty babydoll or a floral dress with some horribly old tights and some tatty trainers or boots. 
Theres something about skulls, crosses, big black jewels and dirty thick old chains teamed with sheer black, lace, old britannia, velvet, greying black cotton, deep crimsons, dirty emerald greens and morbid ditzy florals that make me feel really warm and at home. I feel more comfortable like this than I do in anything else. Recently I've found myself slipping back into this comfortable little world.

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