Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Little fish in a big pond

I've finally made the big move to London and I'm sat in my very tiny (but very homey) room at four in the morning purely because this is the only time I can get online (the Internet here has been so far absolutely shocking) hopefully when the server has a word with itself I'll be back to blogging. 
I really miss writing on here, sorry it's been so long but I'll be back as soon as I can I promise!

I saw a bag in Camden the other day with this print on by Vladimir Tretchikoff:

When I was very young we used to have this picture at my parent's house, It was above the freezer in the cellar and I was absolutely terrified of her because her eyes followed me across the room. My dad bought it for his mum with his very first pay check. I'm not sure why it ended up in my house, perhaps my grandma was terrified of her too. I haven't seen it in my parent's house for a few years but I really hope they haven't chucked it out! 

Here's some more work of his I discovered a few months ago that I really love:

I love that sea foam green undertone and the interesting textures that pop up in all of these images. The subjects are so interesting to look at too, particularly the jewellery they're wearing.

It's late, I'll be back soon (I hope).

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