Friday, 3 September 2010

Things I love Thursday

I have neglected things I love Thursday so much that it gives me that sad feeling but I've been so busy recently it's been ridiculous! Enough excuses here is a long awaited Things I love Thursday!

Alien by Thierry Mugler - This perfume is the most amazing perfume in the world, I've nearly run out and I can't afford another bottle right now and it makes me sad because it smells like mystery and black magic.
Homemade jam - This is probably a bit lame but I had some Homemade jam like a month ago at a friends house and since then nothing has compared to it and I feel sad because I can't make jam.
 Leather - Say what you like about leather, it comes back in some form constantly. These last few years we have seen the constant rise and fall of the leather trouser and leather leggings (or wet look leggings for us poor high street shoppers) and the leather jacket is a constant winner. This winter I want some leather shorts, I already have a cheap Monday leather pencil skirt which I already know I'm going to wear to death as soon as the nights get longer. Release the dominatrix within me!
Twiglets - I don't really like crisps (what's the point in eating a snack that isn't full of sugar?) but I love twiglets so much, they stink though.
Vogue, more dash than cash -  Any frequent Vogue reader will have noticed that about the time of the recession Vogue brought back no dash than cash, a feature that shows alternative and cheap ways of doing trends by throwing stuff on and cutting bits up. My mum found me the book (which I think was released in the 80's) in a charity shop and it's such a good read.
Feathers - Since deciding to concentrate on a kind of  'if you go into the woods' theme for my first uni project (more on this later) I've been collecting feathers off the floor everywhere, the inside of my handbag looks like a bird house (or roadkill)
Galibardy accessories - Oh god I love this ring so much, I've been hinting at everyone under the sun to get me the forest stag for my birthday (which is in ten days...) but I doubt I'll get one cause everyone is getting me stuff for when I move to London, gah. There's so much amazing jewellery on this website though so you should have a browse.
Erdem camel coat - As we all know camel is really big right now and is set to be all winter. I would love a camel cloak but I don't know if I could ever pull one off. I would happily settle for this beautifully tailored coat from Erdem, it just oozes class.
Umbrella -  I used to have a huge collection of quirky and vintage umbrellas and I was down to my last one and then it broke so I really need to go on an umbrella hunt at my local market SOON.

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