Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Rockstar Poser

I'm sure you're bored of me moaning about my internet by now but I don't actually care because you don't have to put up with it, my internet has been absolutely abismal today and I've been trying to post this and do about a million more things so fingers crossed.

So, I did a blog post yesterday (as you can see below...) and it took me about three days to actually post it (enter some internet rant) and the first thing anyone says to me is, 'I wish you would stop blogging about boys clothes, i'm just not interested' (enter my mate Kira).

Now to be fair to Kira, she is genuinely interested in what I do despite the fact we do completely different subjects (she uses her brain more...has anyone else realised this is the fouth time I've used brackets in two paragraphs?) and she reads my blog clinging on to every last interestingly intriuging word. Obviously. But sometimes she doesn't really care about my opinion on what Chanel is doing now or in this case what Acne is showcasing for men and she just wants to look at pretty dresses. Well tough Kira, I'm grumpy today and I don't want to look at pretty dresses.

When Kira grows up she wants to be a rock star, so I have trawled tumblr and lookbook to create a visual feast, well its more of an appetiser, of her favourite rock stars and looks inspired by them. Bet you wish I was your best friend.

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