Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Tim Walker

Now then, once in a while you will come across someone whose work you adore so much that you pretty much fall in love with it, it inspires you, makes you sick with jealously and makes you want to jump up and down and flash your knickers at strangers. For the physicist there is Einstein's theory of relativity, for the musician there's the work of Beethoven and for the budding plastic surgeon there's the work of Sir Harold Giles.For me, there is Tim Walker. 
Not only is the man an absolute genius with a camera, his imagination is remarkable! The composition of his photographs are exquisite and he works so well with colour. His combination of giant props, balloons, perfect locations and gaaawgeous models make really exciting pictures. I'm going to have to stop now or I'll have to jump out of the window to calm down.
Anyway, so what I was intending to get at in this post is basically, Tim Walker has done the photography behind the new Juicy Couture campaign and, well, just look at it...




It's so good. I'll probably end up doing another post on Tim Walker so I can obsess over him some more, but for now, I have to go and vomit with jealousy.

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