Friday, 30 April 2010

Name that designer

Oh my, I can't blog on my boyfriends laptop, which is very annoying as my laptop is broken so i've snuck onto my friends while he's at work, we'll soon see if he reads my blog or not I suppose. I've missed my blog very much, seeing that blank page when I clicked post felt similar, if not worse, than the feeling of losing a child in the supermarket, if said child was lost for like 2 weeks or something.... ANYWAY, BOORING!

I need help.
 I found this image on some random Tumblr (what do you think of tumblr? to me it seems to be post after post of the same indie images...) and I have no idea who it's by!

From the font at the bottom it looks like it's from dazed & confused but I can't find it on dazed digital. I'll give you some malteasers if you find out who it is?

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