Friday, 30 April 2010

Debate: socks and sandals

Generally speaking I'm lucky to have a boyfriend that doesn't turn up his nose at my day to day attire, bar the odd horsey jumper, and usually, instead of  saying 'ohmygodwhatareyouwearingyouKNOB?!' I just get a little smile and 'you look nice' HOWEVER a couple of weeks ago we had the discussion I thought would end us, the discussion I have been dreading since we first met, the fashion clash! 

While getting ready to go out i
I'd decided to wear my chunky shoes with some real nice socks, and while I thought I looked really amazing, edgy girly - very now, James took one look at me and said 'you look really nice, wait, what the fuck have you got on your feet?' to which my response was a very whiney version of 'JAMES, socks and chunky shoes are in fashion!' (whilst rooting though every s/s10 magazine I could find trying and failing to find examples). 

At this point I felt ridiculous and kicked them off after he told me I was essentially wearing socks and sandals (I tried to explain that it was so uncool it had become cool, see geek glasses, bow ties and braces). So I went in a strop for an hour, sat in my underwear on the bed and made him present me with a new outfit and an apology. 

SO ANYWAY since then I've been rooting round for pictures of socks and chunky shoes to throw in my boyfriends face (this post is esentially me sticking two fingers up at my boyfriend because I can't bear to be wrong) and here we are...

(all pictures from lookbook)
So there we have it, chunky shoes + socks = cooler than my boyfriend


  1. well done maria :) we knew james was wrong all along!! im still looking for some pretty socks to wear with my amazing shoesies..

    abi x

  2. haha you're never going to let this go are you! let's have a socks and sandals shopping spree? yes please xxx