Friday, 28 May 2010

FMP: part one

I haven't mentioned it much (or perhaps even at all) on here but for the last month I've been working on my Final Major Project at college, once I finish this I'll be done with college forever and moving down to London to do a fashion design course, it both scares and really excites me that I'm literally at the beginning of my creative career. ANYWAY for my FMP I've been looking at human anatomy, mental disorders, straight jackets, stuff like that. I'll do some posts later with sketchbook shots and exhibition photo's.

For now here are a couple of dresses I made for this project, the pictures are fairly unedited at the moment.

The material this dress is made from is amazing, it's the stuff they make blinds out of, mainly for kids rooms, and has a matte plasticy feel. You can get some really good shapes out of this and it folds really nicely so I decided to just sew a MASSIVE tube and then play around and pin it until I got a nice shape. Oh, this dress is based on the original straight jacket design.
This dress is made from some plastic sheeting (the stuff they wrap front doors and stuff in) from B&Q, a man named Andy who works on tiles smuggled it to me after I told him a sob story about how I had no money. Here I just cut out a really simple dress shape and used a cheap white double bias binding on the edges. The organs are from an anatomy book, i blew them up on the photocopier, printed them on acetate and sewed into them.

The model is my mate Michaela, she was really nice to photograph and was so easy going about stripping off. I'd love to use her again she photographs beautifully.

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