Monday, 24 May 2010


On Wednesday I took part in a vintage and handmade stall, here I sold handmade moustache pillows which I had hurriedly sewn the night before -oops. The event took place in Tokyo, one of the biggest night clubs in Huddersfield (granted there are very few) on a very sunny day. Other stalls included a vintage stall, handmade jewellry and yummy cupcakes as well as a BBQ and a selection of live music. I didn't make very much money but the day was so lovely I wasn't particularly bothered. 
Here's the blog for the event, hopefully they'll be another in the next few months! Read.

photographs taken by the lovely Marco and Rachael.

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  1. aww, it looks like lots of fun.
    why can't such events never take place at my place? :[