Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Alt pin up girls

From the early 1840’s burlesque to late 19th century cheesecake pin ups to the movie stars of the 1950’s, pin ups have evolved into many different aesthetics over the decades HOWEVER they all carry a few of the same themes;
  • Sex appeal
  • Fabulous attire
  • A penchant for glamour
  • Flawless beauty
In my opinion the modern day pin up is the alternative pin up. Most often seen wearing vintage fashion (think 1950’s housewife in an American car ad) into their look, cat like eyes, strong eyebrows, painted lips and well groomed hair. Alt pin ups differ from those of previous years with their body modifications, these can come in the form of piercings, coloured hair and tattoos, usually nautical ‘Sailor Jerry’ styles. 

You can see these vixens watching, and commonly performing, burlesque at a swish venue, attending 50’s style gigs, trawling vintage shops and frequenting tea shops, the key to an ideal pin up hot spot is retro although it’s not uncommon to see such girls in rock bars and gigs. Music tastes may include; Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Johnny Ace, Little Richard and Johnny Cash aswell as a mixture of punk, metal and rock. 

 Photo by Jayne Emsley

To open my eyes to this glamourous-not-a-hair-out-of-place world I interview Daisy Cutter, a tea guzzling/cake munching/burlesque dancing/costume making/modelling wonder of a woman all squeezed into a petite and beautifully decorated body;

Gemma Haigh aka daisy cutter
Costume maker extrodinere 
Is where you feel safe (or Huddersfield) 
Favourite animal:
What are you currently working on?:
An outfit for skin two, rubber ball, for myself and morning star (my other limb) 

Do you have a party trick?: 
That funny thing I do with my fingers, when I bend the tip, where it doesn't bend on regular folks.....
 If you could only listen to three bands for the rest of your life who would you pick?
Rancid, because there my fave EVER! Horrorpops, cheer me up, no end
Johnny cash, the king 
What was the last book you read?:
I'm reading pride and prejudice and zombies right now
Favourite place to shop?:
The second hand markets!!
if you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go and why?:
Japan, it looks exciting and fun!
The most amazing person in the world is?
 There are sooooo many!!! but if I had to name one.....Gypsy Rose Lee, I'd love to have met her.
Favourite place to go out?
A burlesque night, fetish club or some other such nonsense place!
What makes you smile?
Simple things, like my kittens waking me up, walking the dog in a pretty place or being told I'm loved.
What makes you frown?
Hahahahaaha, ignorance and stupidity
Whats the naughtiest thing you’ve done?
Now that would be telling!!
What are you most proud of?
All the things I've achieved in the face of adversion.
Who would you raise from the dead?
Tura satana!
Tell me something I don’t know about you?
This is hard cos I think you know most things about me silly!

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