Tuesday, 1 February 2011

punk/hippie/pin up

So, last week at University we basically had a whole afternoon to walk around East London playing dress up which was AWESOME. Here are some pictures of my mate Emma dressed up, such a good sport!


A combination of studs, leather, tartan and docs make this outfit scream punk, if only it was all as beaten up as the docs it would be (almost) perfect.


The term hippy for me conjures up images of men in flares playing guitars and women dancing in super long maxi dresses, flowers plaited and matted in the hair and psychedilia. Our take on modern hippy included flower printed hareems and a knitted vest (which isn't actually very hippy at all but we really liked the combination)

Pin up

From a cheeky cheesecake picture (google it) to burleqsue to just capturing the style, pin up has creeped up over the last few years in a big way, blame Dita Von Teese or the Mad Men craze. A modern day twist on this look is tonnes of tattoo's (usually nautical) and coloured hair. This dress with its halterneck tie, cutesy print and figuire hugging top is a classic pin up piece.

(as per all pictures from google images except my own, if you own any then holla)

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