Saturday, 19 February 2011

Ten ...clear bottles hanging from a tree

At university I'm currently doing a project on detail. Our research for this project should come from an object you can collect (have I blogged this project before? Having blog-ja vue), I've been collecting bottles, which isn't very challenging when you live with students. 

Researching the history of bottles (shut up) I found a few stories that say it was believed bottles caught evil spirits because of the whistling noise that's made when air passes over the top of a bottle, you know like when you blow the edge of the lip? So people, probably women lets be honest, left them on their doorstep to prevent evil spirits entering their household. QUITE INTERESTING.

As part of my research I hung bottles from a tree and my mate Will took pictures of them for me. It was actually pretty windy, I wonder if I caught any ghouls...

Photo's taken by Will Stabby Lakin

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