Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Red Shoes

Everyones been banging on about Black Swan for my entire life. I saw it recently and I felt like it had been completely over hyped, costumes are alright but not AMAZING, expected far more from Rodarte. Also, Mila Kunis blows Natalie Portman out of the water. Blaah.
Enough about Black Swan, all that nonsense reminded me of The Red Shoes, which I feel is much much better. The costumes are beautiful, that colour palette of nudes, reds and light blues combined with Jean Short's (what a babe) amber hair give the whole film a really surreal, dreamy feel. Also, Brian Easdale composed the music for the film and it compliments the storyline beautifully. Oh yeah and it's Tim Walkers favourite film so it's obviously much better than Black Swan.

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