Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Beast Market

I've realised I talk a lot about my local market and the stuff I've found there but I've never really SHOWN you any of it, which is very bad manners, I do hope you can forgive me. To make it up to you I've taken some photo's of my favourite finds.

Firstly, we have a hand drawn, hand written biology book. There is a collection of three but my boyfriend has the other two. Mine seems to be on basic biology, y'know like plants and dissecting frogs? (how boring was learning about plants, I know so much about photosynthesis it makes me sad, it's taking up all the room I need to store other stuff, about cakes and glitter)

(I hope that you like the really beautiful carpet at my parent's, fabulous isn't it?) Next we have Mrs Beeton's cookery book which is so old it has recipes in for lambs head soup(YES, you'll be glad to hear there is more than one!) AND it has some of the recipes in that Heston the magical food chef has attempted on his TV show (we all remember when he killed that turtle, right?)

I bought this book in a hurry because I thought it was about demons, in reality it's quite dull so I'm probably going to use it as a sketchbook.

This old briefcase was one whoole pound and it makes me get a warm feeling every time I open it. I intended to use it as a project box and I did for one project (the one based on the circus which is waay further in an old post). I kept fabric samples, inspiration and pens and glue and stuff in it, it worked really well so I was chuffed when I found it again (it got lost under my bed, real bad), I'm going to take it to university in October and start using it as a nerdy project box again. shurrupimcool.

AAAAAAND finally, an old musical scroll ('oooh' 'aaaaaah') that rolls out to about 3 metres! It has holes which I assume would represent a note...I'm no genius so tell me if you know it's actual job. I want to fold it into a teeny book but it's too pretty.

I have some old photographs and stuff somewhere but they're packed in boxes, I'll try get round to scanning them at some point, I've just been sat around drinking tea and watching Dog the bounty hunter this week though.

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