Monday, 26 July 2010

My first undergraduate project.

So the other day I got sent my first ever project from Middlesex, which is very exciting! I feel a bit nervous about starting it, I don't know to what standard they expect me to work or how they want me to approach it, they're hardly going to shoot me for having a go though right? RIGHT?!

SO ANYWAY, the project I have been set is to create a concept board showing inspiration for an outfit and to back it up with research. The inspiration and research has to be based around something you're interested in. For my project I'm going to look at birds! Here are some nice tropical bird images I found.

I'm contemplating whether or not just to base it on the tropical after browsing through all those pictures of Tucans and big green leaves, BRIGHT COLOURS oooooh!

I also found this parrot, he's very on trend in his straw hat, I love animals in hats! 

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