Sunday, 18 July 2010

Chanel's mission to change EVERYTHING we thought we knew

More often than not catwalks are littered and crammed with recycled idea's. We've all seen the eighties come back (I'm pleased to say at the tender age of nineteen I do NOT remember the eighties the first time round) in the form of acid green and neon pink and I don't think anyone failed to notice (or escape) THAT Balmain shoulder last year. 
This A/W there is a huge emphasis on looking back and hints from pretty much every era, some subtle some not so much, are popping up all over. But let's save that for another time. It's a rarity that designers look towards a trend or piece of clothing that is...well a bit crap...for inspiration/a re-design. I, for one, know I've never seen a pair of crocs I feel shenvy for (shoe + envy = shenvy) nor have a longed to own an anorak.
It took me by surprise that the house that would rework the hunchback of the shoe world would be Chanel, although they're collections are always both beautiful and timeless they are also relatively safe. Before Chanel if you'd have said clogs to me I'd have thought of this...

Not the look I tend to go for day to day.


Since Chanel's Spring 10 show and I saw these I have fallen in luuurve.

And now I feel like this...

Here are some more A/W clogs that are giving me total shenvy.

I LOVE these next ones soo bad I have butterflies...

All the clogs here are from the lovely chappies at Free People

So now Chanel have tackled the Dutch, next stop... the Eskimo...

Chanel: Changing stereotypes one season at a time.

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  1. ok you know who else loves clogs and is trying to flog them all over the place? kurt geiger. but WAGS love the clog... im still not sold on them! i had them first time round when i was twelve!