Tuesday, 6 July 2010

FMP: Reworked Trench

I really wanted to post some sketchbook pages from my FMP but the college is keeping everything but my garments to show future students, it's okay though it's all in safe hands.

Here are a couple of images of my final garment for this project (these are unedited, the ones used in my exhibition were edited) which I made out of a huge men's trench I got for a fiver.

I decided to re-work a trench after seeing the re-worked trenches created at Burberry, for me creating a dress was too obvious so I made a jumpsuit. (not that I'm implying that my college project was more imaginative than Burberry's whole collection in ANY way!) Whilst creating this I kept my initial straight jacket inspiration in mind which I think is reflected on the back of the garment. 
Instead of first drawing up a design I just unpicked, pinned, unpinned, tacked and untacked for about three days until I decided on a shape I liked, it was relatively straight forward to sew, the most technical bit was probably the arm holes.

My model (Miss Lauren Squires, fabulous illustrator) is actually going to KILL ME for posting these pictures, I'll definitely owe her a few tins of strongbow....

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