Friday, 30 July 2010

Alice Dellal

I love Alice Dellal so much, to me she's so beautiful and the fact she comes across as a massive freak makes me love her even more. She was also one of the first girls to rock an undercut (before they got trendy not like, ever) and she has such an unusual face, she looks rough as hell but still looks cracking. So now I've finished worshipping, when I got my email from Vice this morning with a video of Alice in I did a little skip and a jump and a hop and the video is so good that I'm going to show it to all of you, YES I AM! Aren't I good to you?

Palladium Authenticity - Alice Dellal from Palladium on Vimeo.

Here are some more pictures of Miss Dellal.

This is one sandwich I'd pay to be in.

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