Thursday, 22 July 2010

Things I love Thursday

Due to sitting on my laptop and breaking it (spare me of the fat jokes I haven't eaten since) I can only blog when I manage to convince someone to lend me their computer. That's why there are a million posts one day a week, but lack of technology won't beat me, I have tactics! I'm actually writing this on a Monday and scheduling it, sneaky sneaky.

Garbage: My dad introduced me to this album when I was about twelve, we had it on vinyl and I used to listen to this and velveteen REALLY loud when no one was in and pretend I was in a band (I'm musically retarded so it's NEVER going to happen), I found it in a box and my parents and stuck it straight on my Ipod.
Moleskine: I know they're a bit pretentious but there's something really nice about drawing in one, they make my work look better cause I'm always scared of messing up the whole thing.
Cocktails: I always used to think cocktails were a bit camp and a complete waste of money but since I had a girls cocktails making night last weekend I have been genuinely dreaming about mojito's 
Oreos: my high school art teacher used to buy us huuge boxes of these tasty little treats, you have to eat them alone though or you'll scare everyone off with your black scurvy teeth.
Sleeves: In the form of tattoo's not cardigans. My boyfriend drew me a fabulous tattoo of an elephant riding a bike down a big path, it was really crap (sorry James but it was) but I kept looking at it cross eyed so that it looked like I had a sleeve. When I grow up and have a real career maybe I'll get one...I don't think I'm brave enough though!
Hamsters: When we were moving house my Hamster (Arnold) had to go live with my friends for a little bit and now he's home and I have someone to play with, yaaaay!
Fascinators: I only have teeny little feather and bow ones, with having loud hair as it is I feel a bit ridiculous when I try bigger ones on but my friend had a beautiful green one with a little bird inside that's adorable!

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