Friday, 30 July 2010

Things I love Thursday

I have been excited all week to unveil these beauties. This Thursday I quite simply love SHOES. I've managed to play my shoe obsession down a lot on my blog (I think...) but I seriously have like fourty pairs of shoes, now my camera is working again I'll take some pictures of the best ones this summer. ANYWAY I've been trawling tumblr on my spanking new laptop this week and although I don't see myself making one (or if I do I don't think I'll be doing much reblogging tumblr is very samey and clicky, bit myspacey) there are some beautiful images on it. I've found some really beautiful shoes this week. Here we go...

All these pictures are ones that have been reblogged a million times on Tumblr so if you own any, holla.

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